Where are you located: Canada

Draga Daniel,


  Locuiesti in orasul unde s-a nascut bunica mea Helena (Carolina, Lena) Kraus. Pana sa-mi trimiti email-ul tau nu am avut nici o idee cum arata orasul Viseu de Sus. Mi-ar fi placut sa-l vizitez. De aproape zece ani si inca sunt in cautarea originii familiei bunicii mele. Mama ei se numea Iosefa (cred ca Josepha) DONAT, iar tatal ei a fost Janos KRAUSZ. Ea a mai avut 2 frati: Rezso (Ruldoph) Krausz nascut in 1887 si Agoston (Augustine Emil) Krausz nascut in 1894. Bunicii mei: Johann Kraus (1855) si Josefine (nascuta DONAT, 1857).

Josefine Kraus (1855) a avut doua surori : Helene si Maria.

Carl Weishaupt s-a casatorit cu una dintre acestea, iar Helene (bunica mea) a emigart cu ei in Canada.

  Rudolf a murit in 1941. Sotia lui Rudolf, doamna Maria Magdalena a corespondat cu rudele sale din Canada in jurul anului 1946 dupa razboi. Ea a primit pachete cu mancare de la acestea.

  Cativa dintre barbatii familiei Kraus din Canada au luptat impotriva Germaniei in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial din Europa.

  Stiu despre bunica mea ca la registrul starii civile de la biserica catolica din Iacobeni s-a casatorit cu bunicul, Carl Ignatius Weishaupt pe data de 2 iunie 1906. Helena a fost cunoacuta in Canada si cu numele de Carolina/Lena. A fost botezata la data de 5 octombrie 1890 intr-un oras numit Oberwischau, acum Viseu de Sus sau Felsoviso.

La registrul de casatorie s-a mentionat si locul de resedinta dupa casatorie numit Koschna (Cosna/Kosna).

Foto 1.  In the picture is Helen (Carolina) Kraus/Krause...married to Carl Weishaupt and Uncle John who was approx 3 and a newborn who looks to have just been baptized.


Persone found by : Andreica Daniel


Hello! My name is Shelley Weishaupt-Mack and I live in British ColumbiaCanada. Below is some information about my grandmother who was HelenaKraus/Krause. I am praying that you may be able to help me find moreinformation about her and her family.I understand that you may not be interested in responding but I plead with you that if you are not interested would you PLEASE pass this onward to your relatives. Maybe your grandparents, Aunt or Uncles. Maybe they will havesome information that my help me. Can they check old address books or bibles to see if they had any addresses for Canada? I thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I am lookingforward to hearing back from you, even if you don't know if we are related.

Foto 2. Helen (Carolina) Krause when was older with daughter  Helen in a wheel chair

Please read below and I am sorry that I can not write or read otherlanguages. If you respond in German or another language that is ok, because I have people who can help me translate for me.Well I have to admit that I really do not have alot on my Kraus line. Mygrandmother was Helena (Carolina) Kraus (on her marriage records in thecatholic church in Jacobeni, Austria/now Iacobeni, Romania) She was 16

When she married my grandfather, Carl Ignatius Weishaupt on June 2, 1906.

Helena, was known , here in the Grayson/Melville area as Caroline/Lena. She was born/baptized (?) Oct 5, 1890 in a town called Oberwischau, now known as Visue de Sus or Felsoviso. On the marriage record it also states that sheresided in a town called Koschna ( Cosna/Kosna) at the time of the marriage (which I assume she lived there instead of in Jacobeni after theirmarriage). She gave birth to one child who died approx 1904 and then had my Uncle John in 1906, he came over to Canada with her. Her parents were Joannis KRAUS and Joespha DONAT/DONAD.I also think that she had a brother who name is Rezso born 1887 and another

named Agoston Emil born 1894.My grandfather came into Canada in July 1910 via the US Ellis Island andthen traveled via railway to Sask. Helena followed him in Dec 1910 through

Halifax. Bringing with her, my Uncle John who was 3 at the time. I haveheard storied that she had another baby but it died before coming to


Thank you so much!!And GOD BLESS!!!Shel

Dear Daniel,


You live in the town that my grandmother Helena (Caroline, Lena) Kraus was born. Until the email that you sent me I had no idea what your town looked like. I wish I had. The videos are nice but do not show that much of the town itself. I really have little information about my grandmother's family. I have been searching for almost 10 yrs now and still I am at square one with my research. Her mother was Iozefa ( I think it is Joespha) Donat and her father was Janos Krausz. She had two brother's named Rezso (which I think is Ruldoph) Krausz born in 1887 and another named Agoston (I think is Augustine Emil) born in 1894. I have a very hard time finding records on this family. I am going through all the records that I do have to see if I can find your family name if I find any thing I will send it too you. If you can check to see if you have records of the name I have snet will you please send them to me? My father, the last of the my grandmother Kraus's children. The last of 15 is dying of congestive heart failure right now. I sure would love to have some info to show him before he leaves us. Thank you for writing me Daniel. God Bless...Shelley


My great grandparents Johann Kraus (1855) and Josefine born Donat (1857)

have got very old (more than 90 years).


Johann Kraus (1855) had two sisters (Helene and


Had Carl Weishaupt married one and Helene my grandmother has emigrated also .

Rudolf has already died in 1941.

His Mrs Maria Magdalena tap has corresponded with relatives in Canada

approx. 1946 after the war. She also has got packages from these relatives

with food.


Some men of the family Kraus in Canada have fought against Germany in the

 2nd World War in Europe.




Vorfahren von Anna Karolina Kraus und  

Nachkommen von Peter Kraus

1.) Vorfahren:




2.) Nachkommen:




Immigrant Ships

Transcribers Guild


SS Monfort




A Partial Passenger list from the SS Monfort which departed from Antwerp Dec 14,1910 and arrived in St John's , Halifax. Dec 27, 1910. at 12:00 noon. Captain A.E. Moscrop


Colums represent : Name, Age, Birth, Race, Destination, Trade, Religion

ANTONWICZ Ivan 43 Austria Ruthene Montreal, Farm Lab Orthodox

ALEHI Lazor 37 Turkey Macedonian Hamilton, Ont Geuhat Orthodox

BUREAUX Alfred 41 Belgium French Joggins Miner Catholic

BUREAUX Desiree 41 Belgium French Joggins Wife Catholic  

BUREAUX Jean Batiste 14 Belgin French Joggins Catholic

UMARSKY Franz 29 Russia Pole, Montreal, Que Labouer Catholic

VANEFF Razti? 18 Turkey Macedonian Hamilton, Ont Laborer Catholic

VASSIL Cileff 15 Turkey Macedonian Toronto, Ont ? Catholic

VASSILEFF Choisto? 19 Turkey Macedonian Toronto, Ont ? Catholic  

VELLUTO Carmine 20 Italy Italian Iyang, CB Farmer Lab Catholic

VELLUTO Sabatino 19 Italy Italian Iyang, CB Farmer Lab Catholic  

VOILANTER Giovanni 35 Italy Italian Vancouver, B.C. Farmer Lab Catholic  

VOCSKA Jana 41 Hungary Magyar Iyang, CB Farmer Lab Evang

VENACT Janos 35 Hungary Magyar Iyang, CB Farmer Lab Catholic

VANWASSENHORE Ausgusth 45 Belgium Flemish Montreal, Que Farmer Lab Catholic  

VANWASSENHORE Alfhosine 44 Belgium Flemish Montreal, Que Wife Catholic  

VANWASSENHORE Maurice 19 Belgium Flemish Montreal, Que Laborer Catholic  

VANWASSENHORE Isabelle 69(w)Belgium Flemish Montreal, Que Domestic Catholic  

WENDLING Michal 25 Austrian German Regina, Sask Locksmith Evang

WENDLING Enselie 22 Austrian German Regina, Sask Wife Evang  

WOLANSKI Oleksa 31 Austrian Ruthine Montreal, Que Farm Lab Catholic

WOLANSKI Semen 34 Austrian Pole Montreal, Que Going to family Catholic

WEISHAUFT* Helena 20 Galica Pole Grayson, Sask Going to husband Catholic

WEISHAUFT* John 2 Galica Pole Grayson, Sask Going to father Catholic

WASL?OZUK Kikolij 20 Galica Pole Oshawa, Ont Farm Lab Catholic

WEISHAUFT* Anna Maria 26 Galica Pole Grayson, Sask Wife Catholic

WYSOCKI Mezti 53 Russia Hebrew Toronto, Ont Miller Hebrew

ZATZ Abraham 36 Russia Hebrew Montreal, Que Tailor Hebrew Hospitalized  

ZATZ Meikel 9 Russia Hebrew Montreal, Que Child G to mom Hebrew Hospitalized  

ZIEBART ? 50 Russia German Maple Creek, Ont Going to husband Catholic  

ZIEBRAT Jacob 8 Russia German Maple Creek, Ont Child Catholic

SOBKOW Maria 30 Austria Polish Edmonton, Alta Wife Catholic

SOBKOW Gregor 25 Austria Polish Edmonton, Alta Farm Lab Catholic  

SOBKOW Joannia 3 Austria Polish Edmonton, Alta Child Catholic Hospitalized  

SOBKOW Stanislara 1 Austria Polish Edmonton, Alta Child Catholic  

SEBESTYN Josef 17 Hungary Maygar Sydney, Ont Farm Lab Catholic

SEZIVA Esyvan 24 Hungary Maygar Brandtford, Ont Farm Lab Catholic Hospitalized  

DiDANNO Roco 19 Italy Italian Sydney, Ont Surfaceman Catholic

SALI Mussa 19 Turkey Musalman Hamilton,Ont Laborer Musalam Hospitalized

STOVICHEFF Dame 36 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized

STOVICHEFF Dame 40 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

SOFIR George 32 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

STOYAN Nicolas 30 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

TODORTSE Risto 18 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

TIRFO Christi 40 Bulgaria Macedomian Toronto, Ont Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

TOIGO Vittoria 24 Italy North Italian Dominion, City Laborer Catholic Hospitalized  

TONTCHOFF Tatu 36 Bulgonia Bulgarian Montreal, Que Laborer Orthodox

TAGOT Rosalie Belgium Flemish Frank, Alta Wife Orthodox

TKACJUK Georgi 32 Austria Ruthene Montreal, Que Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

TOUS Anna 19 Austria Ruthene Winnipeg, Man Going to uncle Orthodox  

TELENKO Iwan 30 Austria Ruthene Hosme. B.C. Laborer Orthodox  

TELENKO Wladistaw? 24 Austria Ruthene Montreal, Que Laborer Orthodox Hospitalized  

TELENKO Nastia 21 Austria Ruthene Winnipeg, Man Wife Orthodox  

TCHORZENZSKA Patahna 23 Galicia Ruthene Quik Lake, Sask Wife Orthodox

TRUCHAN Stefen 19 Galicia Pole Winnipeg, Man Farm Lab Orthodox

TOTH Lasgle 23 Hungary Maygar Brandtford, Ont Laborer  

TIEOSHISN Mose? 45 Russia Hebrew Montreal, Ont Laborer Hebrew

TRIEDORA Gisella 18 Russia Hebrew Montreal, Ont Tailor  


Steerage 451

Adults abroad were 374

Children under 14 17

Total 451



Karl Ignatuis Weishaupt and family

Birth Location: Jakobeny


Date of Birth: July 31, 1882


Location Of Birth: Jakobeny (now known as Iacobeni, Romania)


Location Of marriage: Jakobeny, June 2, 1906


Location of Death: Melville, Sask


Date of death: Sept 7, 1956


Religion: Catholic


Year of Emigration: 1910

Port, Date and ship of arrival to the USA: Left on May 31, 1910 and arrived in New York on June 8, 1910, aboard the SS Kaiser Wilhlem der Grosse and then came to Canada.


Port of Departure: Antwerp

Name of Sponse: Helena Kraus (Born: Sept 22, 1889 or Oct 5, 1890 and died in Melville, Feb 23, 1977) born in Visue de Sus and resided in Cosna according to the church marriage records, until she emigrated to Canada on the SS Monfort from Antwerp. Port of arrivel was St. John's, Dec 31, 1910. I can not seem to find out any other info about her or her family. All that I do have is here other then who her parents were: Johann Krauss and Josepha Donat/Donad.



Name Of Karl's and Helena's children:


1. John / November 8, 1908/ Not sure where he was born, it could have been Jakobeni because Helena resided in Koshma after their marriage and didn't come to Canada until Dec of 1910 with John and a Anna Maria Weishaupt


2. Jacob/ Grayson, Sask/ Sept 22, 1911


3. Anton/Grayson, Sask/ Dec 28, 1912


4. Isadore,/Grayson, Sask/ Jan 15, 1916


5. Carol and Maria (twins)/Grayson, Sask/ Aug 20, 1916, died at birth


6. Annie/Grayson/Grayson Sask/ Aug 26, 1919


7. Mary/Grayson, Sask/ April 2, 1922


8. Joesph/Grayson, Sask/ Nov 7, 1924


9. Rudolph/Grayson. Sask./June 7, 1928

 this is my father and the only one alive now.


10. Helen/Grayson, Sask/ Feb 6, 1935


Karl's parents were: Johann Weisshaupt and Carolina Rosa Brodacz/ died March 28, 1888 not sure if they were married in Jakobeny or in Einsiedl. Yesterday evening I had checked my books and maps, and I found an other Einsiedl named village, there in Transylvania. The Hungarian name is REMETE, the Romanian is RIMET and it is located under Kolozsvar (CLUJ), in our "West Mountains". I don't know which one is where I should be looking. Although on the jakobeny site on line it says they were miners that were Zipsers.


Johann remarried a Carolina Zaharanski. Rosa's parents were: Carl Brodacz and Joanna Loy and Carolina's parents were: Carl Zaharanski and Joanna Limberger.


Karl and Rosa's children were: (this is from the church records of Jakobeny)


Rosa Born May 21, 1876 Died May 23, 1876


Johann/ March 1, 1881 and died Dec 24, 1883


Karl/ July 31, 1882 died Sept 7, 1956


Anna Maria/ Sept 14, 1884 is a mystery, I have records that she came to Canada along with my Grandmother in 1910. Like my grandmother, can not find any information on her after that.



 The mother Rosa Brodacz died and Karl had more children with Carolina ZAHARANSKI. They were:



Johanna/ March 5, ?/ died Dec 10, 1995


Jacob/Nov 28, 1890/ death unknown


Wilhemine/Jan 1, 1883 died Sept 18, 1977 married SAWETZKI


Carolina/Sept 19, 1894/died Nov 11, 1995 married KLETSCH


Franz/ Sept 18, 1895 died Dec 12, 1964








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