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            Din nordul Transilvaniei, sub administraţie maghiară, au fost trimişi spre exterminare în total circa 166.000 de evrei, din care circa 15.000 în 1941. În dimineaţa zilei de 3 mai 1944, la ora 5, a început concentrarea evreilor din zona II spre ghetouri. Evreii din Maramureş, Satu Mare şi Baia Mare au fost concentraţi în 11 ghetouri, iar evreii din Cluj, Bistriţa şi Oradea au fost izolaţi prin Decretul nr. 6163/1944. La 10 mai 1944, toţi evreii erau concentraţi. Germania l-a însărcinat pe Edmund Veesenmayer să raporteze numărul celor din ghetouri, în raportul din 11 mai 1944 figurând pe listă 325.000 de persoane. După ce evreii au fost înghesuiţi în spaţii neamenajate, fără facilităţi sanitare, autorităţile maghiare au invocat pericolul epidemiilor, cerând deportarea cât mai grabnică a celor închişi. „Eu am trecut la începutul lui aprilie [1944] prin Munkács, să supraveghez ghetoizarea. S-a prezentat la mine comandantul jandarmeriei din Sighetul Marmaţiei şi mi-a spus că nu este în stare să efectueze [...] ghetoizarea în Sighetul Marmaţiei, din lipsa clădirilor corespunzătoare, a instalaţiilor sanitare. Trebuie să-şi abandoneze activitatea sau să i se ia «surplusul de oameni» şi să fie duşi în vestul Ungariei sau chiar în Germania... Cum am sosit la Budapesta, m-am îndreptat spre Eichmann şi i-am atras atenţia: Baky îl va chema în curând la telefon şi îi va cere să decidă. La prânz, între orele 2 şi trei, ne-am întâlnit în cabinetul lui Baky [...] Secretarul de stat Baky i-a povestit lui Eichmann care este situaţia în Maramureş, apoi a spus: " Te întreb deci, dragă Adolf, să abandonez ghetoizarea sau eşti dispus să-i preiei de la noi pe evrei?" — Mein lieber Laci' (Dragul meu Laci), cu aprobarea pe care mi-a remis-o forul meu superior, pot să-ţi declar imediat, acum, că suntem gata să vă preluăm toţi evreii. Discuţia n-a durat nici 15 minute.” (SS-Hauptsturmführer Dieter Wisliceny, mărturie din 1946) Trenurile cu deportaţi din Transilvania de Nord care au trecut prin Kassa (Košice) în 1944: date, originea transporturilor şi numărul de deportaţi.16 mai Sighetu Marmaţiei 3.007 17 mai Ökörmező (azi Ucraina) 3.052 18 mai Sighetu Marmaţiei 3.248 19 mai Vişeu de Sus 3.032 19 mai Satu Mare 3.006 20 mai Sighetu Marmaţiei 3.104 21 mai Vişeu de Sus 3.013 22 mai Sighetu Marmaţiei 3.490 22 mai Satu Mare 3.300 23 mai Vişeu de Sus 3.023 23 mai Oradea 3.110 25 mai Oradea 3.148 25 mai Cluj 3.130 25 mai Aknaszlatina (azi Ucraina) 3.317 25 mai Vişeu de Sus 3.006 26 mai Satu Mare 3.336 27 mai Târgu Mureş 3.183 28 mai Dej 3.150 28 mai Oradea 3.227 29 mai Cluj 3.417 29 mai Satu Mare 3.306 29 mai Oradea 3.166 30 mai Târgu Mureş 3.203 30 mai Oradea 3.187 30 mai Satu Mare 3.300 31 mai Cluj 3.270 31 mai Baia Mare 3.073 31 mai Şimleu Silvaniei 3.106 1 iunie Oradea 3.059 1 iunie Satu Mare 2.615 2 iunie Bistriţa 3.106 2 iunie Cluj 3.100 3 iunie Oradea 2.972 3 iunie Şimleu Silvaniei 3.161 4 iunie Reghin 3.149 5 iunie Oradea 2.527 5 iunie Baia Mare 2.844 6 iunie Dej 3.160 6 iunie Bistriţa 2.875 6 iunie Şimleu Silvaniei 1.584 8 iunie Dej 1.364 8 iunie Cluj 1.784 8 iunie Târgu Mureş 1.163 9 iunie Cluj 1.447 27 iunie Oradea 2.819 Datele au fost strânse de comandantul gării din Košice, Miklós Gaskó ("Halálvonatok" Menóra, Toronto, 1984, pp. 4-12) SURSA: WIKIPEDIA.ăneni - Promovare si statistici web


        Jews of Hungary Imploring Prime Minister Sztojay to Act on Behalf of Hungarian Jewry The Provisional Committee of the Association of the Jews of Hungary, which in accordance with Government Decree No. 1,520/1944. M.E. is the legal representative organ of the Jews, is taking the liberty of respectfully revealing before Your Excellency and the Royal Hungarian Government the terrible situation which threatens Hungarian Jewry and which is causing despair for all of us in the wake of the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews of the Israelite and Christian faith which began in May and which has seemed to continue ever since. In the last hour of our tragic fate and in the name of the principles of humanity we beseech you in perturbed spirit and implore Your Excellency and the Royal Hungarian Government to immediately end the removal of hundreds of thousands of innocent people from the country. The Jews of Hungary have borne with resignation the strokes of fate that have recently befallen them in quick succession. We bowed without a murmur before the many governmental decisions which deprived us of our wealth, family hearths, and civic honor and which excluded us not only from the national, but so-to-speak also from the human community. We cried out in pain only when they began along the country's borders to concentrate the Jews who were in the ghettos and deprived of everything into deserted factories and fields and subsequently to deport them from the country without regard of age or sex.
            At the beginning the deportation was restricted to the northeastern military operational zones and the southern border area; lately, however, it has been extended to the country's interior and thereby the assumption that the removal of the Jews was necessitated by military considerations has been invalidated. Also invalidated has been our hope that the masses removed from the country were being taken for labor; one can hardly square this assumption with the circumstance that people have been taken out of the country irrespective of age, sex, or health. According to the data at our disposal, by June 20 427,000 Jews, about half of the Jews of Hungary, suffered the terrible fate of deportation. This figure is divided as follows: Carpatho-Ruthenia (Karpatalja) Munkacs:26,000 Ungvar:14,000 Beregszasz:10,000 Nagyszollos:8,000 Maramarossziget 12,000 Huszt 10,000 Felsoviso 8,000 Szeklence 5,000 Iza 3,000 Bardfalva 3,000 Tecso 10,000 Rear of the Tisza (Tiszahat) Nyiregyhaza 20,000 Kisvarda 12,000 Szatmarnemeti 24,000 Mateszalka 17,000 Upper Province (Felvidek) Kassa 12,000 Satoraljaujhely 15,000 Miskolc 21,000 Eger 9,000 Hatvan 12,000 Balassagyarmat 4,000 Salgortarjan 4,000 Leva 4,000 Komarom 8,000 Ersekujvar 7,000 Dunaszerdahely 8,000 Transdanubia (Dunantul) Gyor 5,200 Szekesfehervar 4,000 Delvidek Baja 8,200 Nagykanizsa 9,000 Barcs 2,500 Szabadka 3,500 Szeged 4,000 Transylvania Kolozsvar 22,000 Des 10,000 Beszterce 8,000 Nagyvarad 36,000 Marosvasarhely 6,000 Szaszregen 8,000 Szilagysomlyo 7,000 Concentration Camps Bacstopolya 5,000 Sarvar 1,000 Kistarcsa 2,000 Total 427,400 Although the pertinent Cabinet Decree ordered only that the Jews be placed in separate quarters of the city, in fact these separate city parts (ghetto) became concentration camps from where the provincial Jews were crowded, under even more miserable conditions, into brickyards, deserted mills, etc., located at the outskirts. It was from these internment camps that the physically and spiritually broken people were taken to the deportation trains, in many cases, according to our information, after undergoing severe interrogations and physical abuse, where they were crowded 70 to 80 into a freight car. The cars were sealed and there was no air except for the narrow ventilation slots. These unfortunates travelled for days deprived of everything, and without money.
        They received a few loaves of bread and two buckets, one full of water and the other for sanitary needs. This is how all of them were taken towards their unknown fate – women, men, infants, the critically sick and the aged. It was with great shock that we learned that these terrible things are continuing, in Kecskemet, Bekescsaba, Szolnok, Sarvar, Debrecen, Szombathely, Szeged, and several other places, and that tens of thousands of unfortunate people are placed in concentration camps at the city outskirts, obviously in order to be deported. After all this… it is with the greatest anxiety that we received the news that the deportations of the Jews of the capital is also to begin within the next few days, so that the dejewification of all of Hungary will become a reality. Your Excellency! In the name of humanity and Gods command for neighborly love, we raise our voice against the relentless and merciless application of collective responsibility to one million Hungarian citizens, which is rejected and condemned by the Scriptures and the Church alike. We appeal before God and man to the sense of justice of the Hungarian nation which was always manifest and cannot now, in this crucial phase of its history, be denied, and which cannot permit the deportation of close to one million citizens without a hearing or judicial sentence, a cruel judgment such as has not been known in the Hungarian legal system. If there are sinners among us, as there are and can be in every community, let the severity of Hungarian law and judgment of the Hungarian judge strike them. But every just man, whatever his affiliation, must cry out in pain when innocent children and infants are taken to destruction in their mothers' arms, and when helpless invalids, the aged, and pregnant women are taken on their fateful journey without food, care, or proper clothing, in airless freightcars, on a journey from which there is hardly any return.
        The children of the many thousands of Jews who served with honor in World War I are taken away in the same way as the wives, children, and parents of the several tens of thousands of labor servicemen on duty on the battlefield or fulfilling auxiliary military functions in the rear during this war. In some cases, the people exempted on the basis of military or patriotic decorations have also failed to escape deportation. According to the figures cited above, about half of the Jews of Hungary have already been deported. Now, when we are, so to say, in the last hour, we ask for mercy for those still at home and beg for the lives of innocent children, and refer to the 1,000-year-old history of the Hungarian homeland and to that commonality of fate that tied local Jewry to the Hungarian nation through good and bad times, since the founding of its homeland. May it be permitted for us to quote from the speech by the Minister of Industry, Lajos Szasz, in Nyiregyhaza, which probably reflects the position of the Royal Hungarian Government: “The guide in the solution of the Jewish question cannot be anti-Semitism fueled by hate, but only and exclusively a love-imbued defense of race. No one wants to extirpate the Jews from the world; we only want to save our race from their harmful influence. I believe that all of us who are fighters and workers for, and the followers of the idea of, race defense will and would be very happy if the unlucky people of Ahasuerus found a home somewhere on the globe.” We believe unflinchingly in the Hungarian nation's love of justice and chivalry, which does not want and could not permit the destruction of hundreds of thousands of defenseless and innocent people.
        We believe in the holy spirit of humanity and in the rule of the world order of Christian morality. We place our lives, the lives of our parents, children, brothers and sisters, in the hands of the eternal Hungarian nation. It is with broken soul and imploring hope that we look, in this tragic situation of ours, to the responsible government of the country, and beg it to put an end to the horrors of the deportation with extraordinary urgency, and to use the labor force of Hungarian Jews for production and for building of the country. With respect to the Jews already removed from the country, we appeal to your Excellency to try to assure humane treatment for them and to make it possible for them, like other foreign workers, to support themselves and their families. Addressing our appeal to save several hundreds of thousands of people entrusted to our care to the good will of your Excellency and the Royal Hungarian Government, and imploring once again for urgent consideration, we remain, with our sincere esteem, the Provisional Executive Committee of the Association of the Jews of Hungary.
        Source: From: R. Braham, "The Politics of Genocide: The Holocaust in Hungary," Vol. II, New York, 1981, pp. 738-741. Source: Yad Vashem - Eclipse of Humanity In Maramures before the war lived lots of Jeweshs.

        From Viseu de Sus 3.023 people died at Auschwitz In Memoriam to those who suffer in the Holocaust I posted some pictures from Auschwitz, the place of horror. Pictures should remember to no build such a evil place and to not forget that lots of people died there. .





In curtea GARII CFF, de unde pleaca mocanita, strada AL.I. CUZA exista o casa evreiasca transmutat de pe strada 1 Mai aici cu scopul constituirii unui mic muzeu de fotografie cu evrei care au trait in Viseu si activitatile lor. Casa este amenajata ca si cafenia.



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